Speech & Feeding Therapy

Speech therapy is all about creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

We often take our basic skills for granted until someone we love is challenged with eating, speaking, or walking. 

And, if there are challenges, we often think, “Oh, this is probably a phase. They will grow out of it.” and we hear “Wait and see.”

Our philosophy is “Why wait?”Why worry?” “Why question alone?”

There is an entire village of professionals who live to empower you and your child. 

Speech therapies at Move Play Grow includes Early Intervention, Feeding Therapy, Apraxia Treatment, Oral Motor weakness, Social Skills, and treatment of speech, language and feeding challenges associated with Autism and Genetic Syndromes. In addition, Brooke has advanced training in PECS, PROMPT, DIR/FloorTime, TalkTools, SOS Feeding Approach and Mealtime Partners.

Move Play Grow strives to empower our community with the highest quality therapy from caring, experienced specialists.

We welcome Brooke Hartman Barrett, M.S. CCC- SLP to our center, providing Speech and Language Assessments and Therapy, as well as Feeding Assessments and Therapy.

Brooke offers a program called Chatter Bugs. This six-week “communication booster” class is an opportunity for babies and toddlers 6 months to 30 months (up to 4 years for special learners) AND the adults who love them to learn and grow together. Joint participation and engagement is a must.

Join us for this mixed-age class full of song, sign, sensory experiences, and skill-building.

Come for the fun AND take home essential skills to implement into your daily life.

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Have questions about your child’s communication, picky eating, or oral skills for speech or eating?

Call for a free phone consultation with Brooke (858) 704-4464 or email questions to Brooke@moveplaygrow.com

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