Move Play Grow is here to help parents get to know and understand their babies and children as whole beings, moving and playing and growing together. From uncovering the mysteries of each unfolding developmental domain, to knowing how it all fits together, you and your children will create and nurture incredible connections with yourselves, with each other, and with the world around you.


We stand for all babies and children, along with their families, to love, learn, and choose to move.

  • Our children will have ample time to nurture a love for moving in order to explore, connect, and learn from birth through schooling years
  • They will learn to move well to know themselves, master skills and support healthy habits from the beginning
  • They will choose to move in an increasingly sedentary world to challenge themselves, and to maximize their potential and fulfillment in life.

The three core beliefs

Learning is best when it is fun


Moving better through all of life’s stages inspires us to participate fully and protects our health from birth to our golden years.


Playing fully engages the mind and body through fun experiences that spark interests and nurture lifelong passions.


Growing together and connecting with our family, friends and outside world frees us to reach our full potential.

The content on this website is based on Wendi’s personal and professional experience and general research. It is not meant for individual medical diagnosis or treatment. If you are concerned about your child, please consult with your primary physician and/or therapist.