Our Team

Wendi McKenna, DPT, PCS, C/NDT, founder of Move Play Grow!

Brooke Hartman Barrett, M.S. CCC-SLP

Brooke is a pediatric speech-language pathologist whose specialties include: Early Intervention, Feeding Therapy, Apraxia Treatment, Oral Motor weakness, Social Skills, and treatment of speech, language and feeding challenges associated with Autism and Genetic Syndromes. She has additional training in PECS, PROMPT, DIR/FloorTime, TalkTools, SOS Feeding Approach and Mealtime Partners. Brooke’s experience includes in-home early intervention, working in schools, helping with the creation of a nonprofit speech clinic in Pasadena, CA and private practices in CA and PA. She founded “The Speech House” in CA and “JumpStart Therapies” in PA.

Brooke is skilled with using music, creative play, and sensory integration techniques to enhance her therapy. She believes in a multi-disciplinary team approach and is thrilled to join the team at Move Play Grow. Parents appreciate her caring approach. As a mother of a child with special needs she understands first-hand the challenges families face. She provides families with effective home strategies and treats every child and family with the care that she would want her own child to receive.

Brooke enjoys creating and teaching parent classes. She is excited to bring her Infant/Toddler Communication class “ChatterBugs” to Move Play Grow.

Brooke is passionate about helping children communicate their thoughts and ideas to the best of their ability. She looks at the whole child and tailors her sessions to the needs of each child and family.

“I found my passion 20 years ago when I was asked to work 1:1 at school with a young boy, diagnosed with Autism. This beautiful, complex child did not yet have spoken words, but was just waiting to be understood. I attended all of his therapies, and helped to adapt his environment and his schoolwork. I knew immediately that I enjoyed team collaboration and that I wanted my role on the team to be facilitating communication. Communication and self-expression are vital to a happy life. I have been passionate about pediatric speech therapy ever since. It often takes a little creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, which is what I love about my job.
It is an exhilarating experience to help a child use their first words, whether spoken, signed, or with pictures. We sometimes take our basic skills for granted until someone we love is challenged with eating, speaking, or walking. In my village we celebrate all of the little steps toward success. I am humbled by the strength and courage of the families I work with.

Twelve years ago my beautiful son became my most important teacher. He was born with complex special needs. He teaches me more every day than I could ever learn from a book. I have worked with top specialists (OT, PT, SLP, BSC, physicians) around the country to help him meet his challenges. I trained to become a feeding specialist so that I could help him safely eat. It brings me joy to share with parents the tools that I have learned from my own professional experience and as a parent.
I am thrilled to join Wendi’s team at Move Play Grow. She and I have enjoyed collaborating professionally over the years and she was part of my son’s “A team” (helping him walk well before doctors predicted). We share the vision of building a village to support families on their parenting journey. So many wonderful teaching and parenting strategies have come from helping our kids with challenges. These techniques can help all children thrive. At Move Play Grow we want to share these ideas with all families to build a happier village.”

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Cindy Baker MA, CLE

Infant/ Toddler Development Specialist

By the age of 4, my fascination and love affair with babies was obvious to all who knew me. As the years went by my requests to 'hold the baby' never diminished, and connections with these little souls only grew and deepened. I was one very busy babysitter! My graduate education, specialized trainings and multi-disciplinary teamwork prepared me for an extraordinary and rewarding career with infants, toddlers and families that has since spanned over 35 years.

On both East & West coasts, I have been privileged to work with people from many cultures and walks of life in hospitals, clinics, and homes. My extensive experience includes work with premature babies, medically fragile infants, and children with various developmental challenges such as Cerebral Palsy, genetic disorders, sensory processing challenges, feeding disorders, attention difficulties, language delays and early-diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorders. I have operated my private practice since 1988, and in San Diego, I have been a vendor for the Early Start Program since 1992.

Frequently dubbed the 'Baby Guru' or 'Baby Whisperer' - but mostly known as "Miss Cindy", I cherish bonding, creating joy, and making a difference in the lives of little ones every single day.

I am a grateful mom to four outstanding children, including twins, and am Spanish speaking.

Karri Turley

Karri is known around Move Play Grow as the “Wonder Wing Woman”. She is commonly found organizing and streamlining processes behind the scenes and the face for client relations. She loves working with local organizations that share the passion of changing the world one family at a time! Karri has always had a passion for working with children and had the honor of being a care-giver for a family with special needs that completely changed her heart and her life. She is passionate about our vision of having every child be heard, understood, honored and loved. On her free time you’ll find her swinging a hammer with her amazing husband working on house flips or perhaps on the disc golf course getting a new personal best! They absolutely love traveling together and exploring new places as much as they can.

Ashley Alexander

Ashley is our tech goddess, and has been a self-proclaimed computer nerd for as long as she can remember. She is addicted to learning, passionate about impeccable design, loves teaching others her tech skills, and she gets way too much pleasure from the work she does! Her specialties include graphic and web design, funnel creation, audio and video editing, perfecting and repurposing content, and building online events.

Aside from work, she has a passion for traveling and helping girls and women to live an amazing life. She always strives to improve all aspects of her life, and is working to provide the best possible life and example to her two daughters.