When school starts, our bigs take a gigantic step toward independence, getting to know themselves better and connecting with their peers on a deeper level. Their interests discovered in play can become deeper passions as they dive into the learning and knowing processes. Family, teachers and coaches help guide in all areas of development, and nurturing the movement system is as important for improving skills and health as it is for enhancing learning efficiency.

Join me to help your bigs move better for learning, for sports, for play, for health and of course, for more fun! Your bigs are at an age to start thinking about their own movement, to really focus on improving how they do it at home, in the classroom, and on the sports field or court or gym. It’s about problem solving, first, and, then, practicing. Strength, power, agility, speed, and knowing how to use them in coordinated motor patterns all have their foundations now. Through group classes, private coaching and therapies, if needed, they will develop the skills.

Physical Therapy.

When your newborn lies on his stomach and practices lifting his head, it prepares him to explore the world on his own. "Tummy time helps your infant build strength in his back, legs, arms and neck," says Joanne Cox, M.D., a pediatrician at Children's Hospital Boston. "This helps with further development, such as rolling over and sitting."