Developmental Wellness Consultation


Developmental Wellness Consultation

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Looking for more joy and less worry? Want to make sure your baby is on track or older child is thriving AND gain some key pointers you didn’t even know to ask about?

You will LOVE having us on your team. It takes a village.

Contact Move Play Grow at 858-704-4464 to speak to our staff and see if a visit with us is your next best step.

Our team has your back, offering both virtual and in-person sessions.

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It can be scary calling a developmental professional to check out your baby because you don’t know what you don’t know, and sometimes you would rather not know. (think ostrich) Besides, there are soooo many other things you DO know, and that seems like MORE than enough!

But, this knowledge has more bang for it’s buck. It will give you greater insight into your growing baby, making you feel empowered and confident, and helping you to connect more deeply in each moment.

Certainly, there is a time and place for asking questions online, but you won’t get a full picture of your unique baby and your individual situation on blogs and in books.

Learning more about development as it relates to your baby will help you see, understand, honor and love your baby on a higher level. You will feel empowered and be an incredible advocate for your child in your home, schools and community.

We are here to guide and support you and your little one, to answer your developmental questions, to address your concerns, and to help you have more fun with moving, playing and growing every day!

Call Move Play Grow at 858-704-4464 to speak with our staff and book an appointment with one of our team members. We are offering appointments on Zoom or in-person!

1 review for Developmental Wellness Consultation

  1. Sherry

    I reached out to Wendi because I was carrying hurt, guilt, and fear from a decision I made as a parent. I desperately wanted to move forward and heal, but I felt stuck and didn’t know how. Wendi took the time to listen to everything I was thinking and feeling. She crafted a thorough, thoughtful, and actionable response that met me right where I was in the moment. Her guidance and support equipped me to forgive and trust myself. It restored my spirit and encouraged me in an authentic and truly meaningful way. Her words and advice remain in my heart and mind. They help me to be the confident and joyful parent I want to be every day.

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