Chatter Bugs by Brooke


Chatter Bugs by Brooke

6-week series

Boost communication with your baby or toddler to enhance connection and reduce fussiness and tantrums.

Make routines playful and fun, easing the transition from dependent baby care to big-toddler independence.

Get to know your little one better by seeing and hearing what your baby needs, wants, and loves.

Work as a team with your toddler and reduce the struggle.

See description below for details on this 6-week class series.

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This six-week “communication booster” class is an opportunity for babies and toddlers 6 months to 30 months (up to 4 years for special learners) AND the adults who love them to learn and grow together. Joint participation and engagement is a must.

Thursdays 10:00 am May 23-June 27th, 2019
6-week Class Tuition $180.00

Instructor: Brooke Barrett M.S,CCC-SLP, Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist

Join us for this mixed-age class full of song, sign, sensory experiences, and skill-building.

Come for the fun AND take home essential skills to implement into your daily life.

  • Make routines playful, fun and rich touch-points with your children. Create calm.
  • Enjoy the mixed age class where babies look up to toddlers, and the bigs mentor and help the littles. They really do know their own kind.
  • Connect with other families both inside and out of class. It takes a village.
  • Learn great songs, signs and sensory experiences to take home. Consistency is key.
  • Read your child’s cues faster and accurately. Reduce fussiness, tantrums and struggles.
  • Empower your child to speak up for themselves in a way that inspires teamwork.

“We loved Chatter Bugs! Josie loved the songs, and learned signs that helped my husband and I avoid tantrums since she told us what she wanted!”
-Melissa B

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Date and Time

Thursdays at 10 am; May 23rd – June 27th (series of six classes)


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