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Buy This: Baby Proofing Services or Items

Though the general theme for our pro/con equipment recommendations is “less is better” in order to allow for more independent, self-driven exploration and development, the first priority is always safety.

Babies are little scientists and will explore every nook and cranny. Once they start rolling and crawling to get from place to place, your cute little blob that could be placed on a mat before can now not be out of your immediate sight, lest they get into some sort of trouble. This is when containers look really attractive, because we are exhausted supervising every second and cannot possibly be within arm’s reach all day long. BUT, rather than spending money on these devices that restrict movement, create a safe place where baby can explore. A large play yard is a start, but soon baby will want to explore his house! The entire house! And he will find his favorite spots, usually the most dangerous ones you never knew you had! This is where baby-proofing your house is essential. There are many do-it-yourself guides and products, but it might be worth having professionals come in and help to identify the risky areas you never knew you had.

In Greater San Diego area, Baby Safe Homes is a great company that comes in and performs an evaluation/inspection and installation (should you choose) the same day. Disclaimer: Move Play Grow has no financial ties to Baby Safe Homes, but I personally used them to baby proof our house and they were wonderful!

So, whether you choose to perform this task yourself or to outsource it, baby proofing BEFORE your baby becomes mobile is essential. Most accidents that occur with babies are preventable. Thoughtfully making your house safer will help relieve your anxiety about allowing baby to be the scientist he really wants to be!bday baby

Be Happy! Be Safe! Be Explorers!

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