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The Defense of Tummy Time

Just yesterday, as most days, a colleague at Kids Unlimited posted an excerpt talking about the importance of tummy time. Some responses offered an alternative article written on the RIE/Janet Lansbury blog highlighting the case against tummy time. I would like to directly respond to this article. There is much of RIE, Resources for Infant Educarers, I love and respect and use on a daily basis with my patients, clients and children. However, I do not agree with their beliefs on tummy time.

To Sit…Or Not to Sit: Developing Functional Sitting Skills in Babies

A celebrated developmental milestone is when a 6-month-old baby (give or take a few weeks) can sit up independently. But, what does that mean? The reference books say independent sitting is when a baby is placed in sitting on the floor and can remain there without help from caregivers, other supportive props or gear, or the use of their own hands for balance. But, is this independent sit functional for baby and why does it matter?

The Movement Community

When Strides Physical Therapy embarked on the mission to provide wellness services to the general community in addition to therapy services to those in greatest need, we were extremely passionate about getting our message out. We felt we had so much great information to share from our studies and years of practice in the realm of pediatrics and movement development, but that information was not reaching a majority of families. We wanted to empower all families with greater knowledge about their growing babies and children, to provide information that sparked dialog and informed choices. And we especially wanted to reach the babies and children, who are ALL at risk for exercise deficiency, lack of motor proficiency, and sedentary lifestyles in our electronic, wireless, mobile world. We wanted to help bring some balance back into our lives to support a healthier future, one family at a time. Thus, Move Play Grow was born!

A Big 2012 Thank You

As the end of the year approaches, we wanted to wrap up by letting you know just how much our little Move Play Grow endeavor has grown . . . in more ways than one! The first Tummy Time Class was held in April 2011, one time per month. The growth in 2012 is something of which we are proud of and excited to share. Here are some highlights:

We hosted over a dozen Tummy to Play Everyday Classes at multiple locations and multiple times per month. We enjoyed a partnership with Babies in Bloom (Vista), finally became part of the education series through Parent Connections (classes to begin January 2013), and now offer Saturday classes in Solana Beach.

Throughout the Spring and Summer, we spoke at 3 different FREE parent education workshops (JW Tumbles Carmel Valley, El Camino Pediatrics) as well as were featured speakers at a San Diego Birth Network meeting.

In June, Move Play Grow was born and a special website and Facebook Page dedicated to baby wellness launched. We have had so much fun adding information to both on a variety of topics.

The Move Play Grow Family literally grew by two as well! In July, we welcomed Rachel’s son, Colton, and in October, Wendi’s son, Kellan. These boys are new inspiration to us as we strive to get the message of baby wellness, bonding, and development out to so many expecting moms, new parents, seasoned parents, caregivers, pediatricians, etc.

In November and December, we worked hard to provide comprehensive Facebook posts and blogs on surviving the holidays, how to help your child through the season, and, introduced the beginnings of our series/course on Buy This/Not That: navigating the big box stores, online retailers, to find the best for your baby!

*** Most importantly, a sincere, heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the families, followers, partners, and friends that we have had the pleasure of working with over this past year . . . whether at one of our classes, through our blog, or Facebook posts. If you like what you see, don’t forget to click “like” or “share” on Facebook! If you have things you would like to learn about, etc., PLEASE let us know in the comments section, via email, etc! This entire endeavor is for YOU – to support you and your family. Stay tuned to learn how we will be Moving, Playing, and Growing in 2013!!
Happy New Year! ~ Wendi and Rachel

The content on this website is based on Wendi’s personal and professional experience and general research. It is not meant for individual medical diagnosis or treatment. If you are concerned about your child, please consult with your primary physician and/or therapist.