Success Parenting


Success Parenting

A comprehensive 12-week experience for growth-minded parents who want to raise authentically happy, successful kids, and create the family environment they’ve always envisioned. 

Success Parenting is the only customized parenting program of its type that helps you guide your children with your unique vision and values, strengthening the relationship & deepening the connection for who you and they authentically are. Create a family environment that inspires and empowers, setting you and your kids up for success.

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Here’s What’s Included When You Join Success Parenting Today:

-Twelve (12) weekly, intimate group training and Q&A calls with Wendi to create lasting transformation in your parenting.  We go deep on the calls with impactful homework in between. *All parenting partners are encouraged to attend calls; Neil, Wendi’s husband, is also on calls to create perspective for all. Here’s a snapshot of what we dive into

-The 5 Pillars of Intentional Parenting are the foundation framework for all the work we do as parents.

-Creating Your Family Vision Statement to guide you in how you show up and what actions you take.

-Unpacking your kids’ (and our) behavior to know what’s REALLY going on.

-The 8 Play Personalities for deep connection FAST and massive growth opportunities.

-The Kind AND Firm Parent, so no need to play good-cop/bad-cop.

-Infant and child Sensory and Motor Development to know what they really need to thrive.

-How to handle TRIGGERS…anger, yelling, aggression, power struggles do not need to be the norm

-Creating powerful parenting partnerships even if not in “agreement.”

-Self care is not selfish. You really can (and must) come first.


-Nine (9) 30-minute private coaching sessions with Wendi’s certified coaching staff. Work with a single coach to successfully implement new ideas and strategies learned in group calls to make the biggest impact for your family.

-Private Facebook Group so you can ask questions and get support from Wendi, coaches and your fellow parents. This is where you have a team of like-minded parents on call to help you through anything that comes up during our time together.

-Worksheets, tools, resources, and surprises. Each designed to help you implement what you’re learning as we go so you get the best results possible in our time together.


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