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It has already been 4 weeks since Baby #2 arrived!  We have gone from the newborn “shock” and calm from leaving the comfy, cozy womb to truly being more awake, alert, and aware.  I have also had 4 weeks of working to practice what we preach in our Tummy to Play Everyday Classes.  I am a second time mom and now work to manage (aka juggle) a 3 year old, a newborn, a household chores/errands, and, oh yes, trying to “sleep when baby sleeps”!

I think that I now have a unique opportunity to blog about the reality of implementing much of what is presented in our classes . . .  when life happens.  So, here it goes . . .

  • Start Tummy Time Day 1:  Check!  Have done it every day.  One of our favorites is tummy to tummy.  It is so peaceful to watch a little one sleep but I sure would love some too!  We have managed to do true tummy time on the floor one time each day.  He is not always happy and begins to fuss after a while.  BUT, I do change his position or modify something before picking him up (ie. Put him on his side, eye level smile, sing, pat his back, etc.).  It definitely helps for a short time.
  • Leave the Carseat in the Car: I have ventured in to the doctor and the grocery store using the Sleepy Wrap only.  I find it much easier to go “car seat free” in public when with just the baby.  It is much easier to chase after the older one because “his listening ears weren’t turned on” while pushing a stroller vs. having a newborn in a carrier.  The car seat does stay in the car when we come home – a tremendous change from Baby #1.
  • Container Culture:  Hello, my name is Rachel and I use a container with my baby!!  My first son really only wanted to be held or be in a carrier – which became quite exhausting!  With Baby #2, we have more variety: held in arms or a carrier or being in the Co sleeper, pack and play, and the bouncy seat.  This baby still has yet to enjoy the swing.  The bouncy seat has been so useful for short periods of time for mommy to grab a shower, a peaceful meal, and also gives him a different view of the world!
  • Making Movements Meaningful:  Another tip that has been difficult to implement ALL the time: meaning all diaper changes, all transfers between caregivers, etc.   Yet, I find myself doing it more automatically than 4 weeks ago and definitely more automatically than with Baby # 1.
  • Symmetry:  Wow!  This has been the toughest one!  I am a physical therapist that works with children, have had one baby already, and still find it difficult and awkward to switch to my right side when carrying, bottle feeding, etc.  I didn’t realize just how difficult it would be.
  • Bonding: I love this part!!  My favorite times are our tummy to tummy play and snuggles, when baby is fast sleep in the carrier making cute baby sleepy noises; talking to baby about what he is doing, what I am doing, what we are doing together; making faces and imitating sounds; and kissing every sweet baby part on that lil monkey (cheeks, fingers, belly, toes . . you know).

I will continue work daily to practice what I preach and love the knowledge that I have gained by doing these Tummy to Play Classes.   Let’s continue on this journey together as our children move, play, and grow!


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