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Buy This: Toys to Encourage Movement

We love toys that encourage movement. Yet, if you think about it, you can make many toys encourage movement. Think about using bean bags, puzzle pieces, blocks, or stickers as a means to encourage physical activity with your child. Set up puzzle pieces at one end of the room and the puzzle board on another. Have your child do a different animal walk to retrieve each puzzle piece! Side walk chalk can be used to draw hopscotch boards, obstacle courses instead of simply drawing! Bean Bags serve as wonderful items to search for in a scavenger hunt!

Consider the “old school” toys for encouraging movement as well: balls, jump ropes, riding toys. With movement, encourage use of the arms and legs to build strength in the large muscle groups but also to work on developing balance and coordination. Jump ropes can be used as snakes to jump over and lines to walk along!


Buy This…Not That: Stocking Stuffers

Next up in the Buy This/Not That Series . . .
Stocking Stuffers (or Gift Bag Loot)!

BUY THIS: For Toddlers on up, consider purchasing items such bubbles, kazoos, water bottle with straw, water flutes, or crazy straws. The common theme of these items is that they require a child to either blow or suck to complete the task. The benefit for YOU: blowing and sucking activities are great ways for a child to calm down, transition, or get organized! For example, a child who plays a song on a kazoo will likely calm down a bit due to the blowing and humming required. Blowing and sucking activities also help with oral muscle control, eye tracking, to name a few.

For babies, consider items such as rattles, teethers, board books, bathtub toys, music, or feeding supplies. Baby is still too young yet to grasp the concept so take the opportunity to stock up on some baby items that will be needed in the future. However, he will likely enjoy discovering what is inside!

NOT THAT: It’s simple – candy and sweets! Purchasing the items above saves you from the proverbial “sugar crash” and meltdowns because the entire stocking of candy cannot be eaten that day! You also get items that serve multiple purposes, provide developmental stimulation, and even may calm your kiddo after a long day of celebrating! As with all items, please supervise your child carefully!

Happy Stocking Stuffing!

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