Thru the Heart Breath-work


Thru the Heart Breath-work


The breath is a powerful journey that sets you free. It is like nothing you have ever experienced before.

  • Be a healthier happier version of you.
  • Feel more relaxed, more confident, and more at peace.
  • Breakthrough, heal, and move forward to create the life you wish to live.

I have witnessed this happening over and over to people from all walks of life. The breath is one of my favorite tools because of how efficiently and effectively it works.

Drop in or sign up for a series of classes (buy seven, get one FREE). Please bring a yoga mat and blanket to each class. Each class is 60 minutes.

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What does Thru the Heart Breath-work do?

The breathwork is an active meditation that creates the opportunity for powerful healing to occur.  This ancient eastern breathing technique allows the conscious mind to relax, enabling access to the subconscious mind.

Once we become aware of our subconscious beliefs that create the daily internal challenges we face, we can change them.  Doing the breathwork causes this awareness to happen automatically.

90% of our behavior is determined by our subconscious mind.  We have to go to the source of the problem to truly be able to heal.  We all possess an innate wisdom capable of healing our lives, when we quiet the mind we access this information.

What does the breathwork look like? How does it work?

The breathwork is all done through the mouth in a controlled meditative manner, while laying down.  It begins with an exaggerated inhalation into the abdomen, a second inhalation into the chest, and then an effortless exhalation.  Breathing this way brings awareness into the body.

Most people experience tightness or discomfort in the usual places they hold stress in the body.   The conscious mind tries to stay in control during the first few minutes of the breath.  It does this by thinking resistant thoughts, trying to distract you, or causing you to yawn.

The increased oxygen alkalizes the body by reducing the acidity in the blood.  As the oxygen reaches the brain, it stimulates the hypothalamus gland causing it to release endorphins, which in turn activate the other ductless glands in the body.   The brain begins to relax and emotions open and move more freely when the endorphins are flowing.

Any places in your body that you are stuck or holding onto anger, fear, or sadness will come to the surface.  As awareness is brought into stuck energy, it can begin to move.  The breath is the fuel to moving energy in your body.  The breath continues to bump up against the block, eventually causing a cathartic release as it pushes through.  Once this happens, the solution simply appears.

Classes are on Mondays at 1pm EXCEPT 5/6, which is at 11am.

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Single Drop-in, Series of 8 classes (punchcard)

Dates and Times

Most Mondays at 1:00pm, Monday, 5/6 at 11:00am, Monday, 5/13 at 1:00pm, Monday, 5/20 at 1:00pm, Monday, 6/3 at 1:00pm, Monday, 6/10 at 1:00pm, Monday, 6/17 at 1:00pm, Monday, 6/24 at 1:00pm


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