Play Dates


Play Dates

Welcome all families! Please, join us in the park to get reconnected with nature and one another, to witness the wonder of true child-led play with peers, and to learn more about your child’s interests and passions. You will have fun, feel rejuvenated and excited to return again and again.

There is no agenda, except for that which your child initiates. This park playdate invites you to join your children in their world when there are no other pressing issues pulling you away. You will fully enjoy your children in the park, learn about their interests, and help fuel their passions in positive ways. I look forward to seeing you there!

Join other Nature Families at our Meetup group, Playdates by Move Play Grow.

Please contact me here outlining your specific needs or schedule an initial 15 minute phone call so we can together help you and your little ones thrive!

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Registration includes baby and up to 2 caregivers.

Families with babies and Kids.

Child-led play with peers.

When & where
Sand Diegito Park.


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