Newborn Behavioral Observation


Newborn Behavioral Observation

Helping you, as parents, to understand your newborn more completely, respond more effectively, and promote positive bonding supportive interactions right from the start is the goal of this intimate session.

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The NBO is a individualized infant focused family-centered tool that was designed to help illuminate each baby’s unique capabilities and individual responsiveness by exposing them to various stimulation. The NBO is based on 30+ years of research & made up of 18 behavioral observations which illuminate the abilities of newborns and the neruro-developmental foundation of alertness, responsiveness, and regulation.

The goal is to observe & create awareness of your baby’s responses and abilities so that you can interpret, understand & respond optimally to Your baby! Your relationship with your baby will develop more easily & flow more smoothly if you understand a few why, what, and how-to’s of interacting with them. The NBO works by revealing aspects of early personality by observing behaviors & responses during requests for alertness, attention & as well as reflexive response. Setting expectations for yourselves, learning how & when to intervene, & timing your interactions successfully will provide a positive base of confidence, emotional support & trust from the start.


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