Let’s Play, Baby! *LIVE* on Zoom



Let’s Play, Baby! *LIVE* on Zoom

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BONUS!!!! Not only does this class include 5 weeks of LIVE support from Wendi, but until Zoom squares fill up, it also includes LIFETIME, ON-DEMAND access to the latest masterclasses, Your Thriving Baby: On Play, On Sleep, and On Milk, Formula & Food!

Join us in August 2020 “Brady Bunch-style” and Let’s Play! (no masks required!)

Movement is the foundation for your baby’s development in all areas. AND, your baby develops more movement skills faster during this first year than any year after. THIS YEAR IS THE FOUNDATION FOR ALL THAT COMES AND PLAY IS THE WAY!



Did you know you can play with your baby from day one? 

Play looks a little different than with an older baby or child, but the connection, interaction, bonding, and energy is the same.

Much of play occurs when your baby is on the floor or you, AND it’s a fabulous opportunity to help baby to take the lead, explore what his body can do, and discover all 360 degrees of his body, including his sides and TUMMY!

When your baby LOVES moving, playing, and learning on the floor, family life is GOOD! 

Even if your baby hates tummy time right now, you will experience a BIG WIN with this class!

Your confidence will soar when you gain insight on development, knowing that how you show up and what you do make a profound difference for your baby. 

You will have fun playing with your baby in ways you didn’t imagine, shaping his brain, body, and emotional development with smiles and giggles.

There is no “wait and see,” and there is no reason to “wait until…” Your baby’s time is now. Tapping into your playfulness and knowing how to play with your young baby will maximize the impact of your time and effort. This is where connection, bonds, and love strengthen.


So let’s together:

  • Tap into play and fun.
  • Build baby’s awareness of the things their body can do.
  • Awaken baby’s sensory systems naturally as they absorb and process what they see, hear, feel, and touch.
  • Integrate easy and practical strategies to boost tummy time fun and play!

Registration includes your baby and up to two caregivers.

Topics include (and definitely NOT limited to)

  • What does baby development look like? What should you expect? How can you help nurture?
  • How do you play, move, carry, and perform daily baby care tasks to enhance connection, bonding, and brain and body development?
  • What are safe sleep and play environments?
  • Does your baby’s head have a flat spot? How do you prevent or treat that?
  • What baby gear do you really need (OR NOT)!

**This class was formerly known as “Happy Tummy Timers.”

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(5 classes) – Wednesdays @ 1:00 pm PST: 8/5, 8/12, 8/19, 8/26, 9/2/2020

11 reviews for Let’s Play, Baby! *LIVE* on Zoom

  1. keri

    There were a ton of new things I learned about my little baby. New positions that helped her advance to the next step with ease. Wendi is full of knowledge and is a wonderful person to have help you through each phase of development. I really enjoyed the classes and recommend them to all new parents.

  2. Marisol

    A must take class. Tummy time should be a priority since day one in a baby’s life. Learned about how tummy time can affect a child’s well development. I would highly recommend it.

  3. k.c.

    I am currently pregnant with baby #2, and attended a Tummy Time class with Wendi earlier this summer. It was great to get some new tips to incorporate positive tummy time from day one, and learn about developmental goals and milestones we should keep in mind along the way. Wendi’s explanations make a lot of sense, and reminded me that I can make conscious decisions to encourage a strong foundation for a healthy baby.

  4. Jennifer Labelle

    I was extremely impressed by the class. I went into it wondering how much they could really tell us about doing tummy time other then put your child on their stomach and play with them. What I ended up getting was extremely educational. They taught us theory as well as techniques and I feel better equipped to not only do tummy time with my infant but to do it well and have it be a bigger part of our routine then originally planned. The instructors are amazing. They know their stuff and are passionate about it. They also spent a lot of one on one time with me and my baby. It was overall a very positive and worth while experience.

  5. Mariel

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Tummy Time class, but I was pleasantly surprised by how informative and engaging Wendi was. My daughter was not a big fan of being on her tummy, but Wendi demonstrated a variety of ways to work tummy time in that are more tolerable for her.

  6. Rita

    Wendi is a great teacher- she is informed and energetic and her enthusiasm to share her expertise and insight into infant development is inspiring.

    The class format is very accessible and it’s so great that she offers this class to families with babies at different stages in the first year. You really get to see how babies grow and change by the month!

    Wendi gave great insight to how our culture has changed to the benefit and peril of healthy infant development. She gives great tips to make sure babies are being supported to develop and grow into strong children.

  7. Darcy Brown

    My 3 month old son and I just enjoyed Move Play Grow’s “Tummy to Play Every Day” class. I found the class to be very informative. Wendi and Rachel shared evidence-based findings about “tummy-time” and the implications it has on neurological and motor development. Their knowledge combined with their insights and experiences as mothers made the class both educational and fun. My son enjoyed the one-on-one attention he received from both Wendi and Rachel as they showed me and others in the class techniques to encourage tummy-time and playtime. My son and I look forward to attending the next class in the series for advanced skills and we’re hoping Dad can join this next one too.

  8. Maria Fernanda Wilmurt

    Vincent is 10 weeks old and we really enjoyed Move Play Grow’s Tummy to Play Everyday: First-Timers!
    He has been showing improvements since we took the class doing a great job keeping his head up during tummy time and looking left and right like never before.
    Your work is outstanding Wendi and I am recommending to every new mom that I know. All the information was so important and great to change some of our concepts for a better baby development. As a new and first time mom is challenging to figure out what to do and how, having the opportunity to learn and practice really helps.

  9. Naia Hart

    We initially went to see Wendi because both my twin girls still screamed during tummy time at 3 months old. After attending the class I learned some exercises to perform with my girls to prepare them for the floor and therefore reduce the yelling and increase beneficial tummy time. We learned about areas that needed extra attention and have seen great gains in weeks following our class! Thanks Wendi!

  10. Samantha

    We had a wonderful time in class with Wendi. We left feeling much more informed regarding ways to work to have our baby enjoy tummy time as well as enthused and motivated to keep trying and working on it. She also spent a lot of time in class addressing other issues and providing us with insight and valuable tips which we use every day. We definitely plan to continue to attend further classes with Wendi.

  11. Jac

    The tips we learned from Wendi has decreased our new parent anxiety and made us much more active in our together time. Definitely recommend this class to anyone with a newborn.

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