Let’s Play, Baby! Level Two


Let’s Play, Baby! Level Two


Focused time to just BE with your toddler.

Create deeper connections through your playful interactions.

Let them show you the amazing things they can do.

Learn what your toddler is capable of and how to help them grow.

Drop your expectations and enter their world.

Stop being the busy parent and appreciate the present moment.

This class is for toddlers through three years.

It’s facilitated by our toddler specialist dream team at Move Play Grow: Wendi, Carrie and Brooke!

We meet Tuesdays at 10:00am for 45 minutes.


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Play, have fun, and learn how to take it home.

Play is the most effective way to learn. Play is a choice, play motivates, play integrates, and play lights up the brain like no other activity.

Our toddlers naturally play. They get to be our guides.

In this class you will tune into everything that play has to offer your toddler and YOU!


  • Gross Motor/Whole Body: The BIG movements used for getting from point A to B, self-expression, fun, and the foundation for all other domains. Movement is everything.


  • Fine Motor/Hands: The hands and all they can do to help baby explore, discover and learn.


  • Communication: Verbal and non-verbal connection with you. Read their cues and see how they initiate the “conversation.”


  • Nursing/Feeding: The how, the what, the when, and the why. And, of course, the troubleshooting.


  • Sensory systems: EIGHT of them…yes, eight. We are well beyond the 5 senses.  


  • Self-Regulation/Coping: Transitions, routines, returning to calm, and preventing or adaptively dealing with the meltdown.


  • Social-Emotional/Participation & Engagement: Connection with the outside world that comes from within.


  • Learning/Executive Functioning: Driven by wonder and curiosity we will explore, discover, problem-solve, repeat, shift, adapt, try again, find something new, repeat, vary it, repeat and repeat and repeat. SO FUN!


  • Self-Help Skills/Functioning: “I do it myself!” Letting our littles participate, initiate, try, fail, try again and finally get it! 



Your toddler’s development is variable, adaptable, and flexible.

Play is the primary vehicle.

YES! Play hits upon ALL of this juiciness!

Join us for this special ongoing class on Tuesdays at 10:00am with the toddler specialist dream team: Wendi, Brooke and Carrie! We can’t wait to see you!

Let’s Play, Baby! Level Two is for toddlers through three years.


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