Activate Your Own Healing Power


Activate Your Own Healing Power

Like most busy parents, we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves like we do our family.  But our family needs us to be healthy!

There are many ways we can take small steps in the direction of Better Health and Wellness! Sheri can show you how.

Join us on Thursday, June 20th at 6pm

and learn how to get a great night’s sleep without medications AND receive a Free Specialized Pain Relief Treatment.

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JOIN US on June 20th, 2019 from 6:00 to 7:00pm 

for an”ACTIVATE YOUR OWN HEALING POWER” class where you will learn how to get a great night’s sleep without medications, get a FREE specialized Pain Relief Treatment, and receive a $25 value Gift Card and Exclusive Offers!  

Deeper Sleep by activating your own Melatonin Levels

Sleep is a critical part of our wellness and it plays a major role in our lives. But sleep disorders are a serious problem that can cause a rather vicious cycle, especially when it becomes an ongoing issue.  Don’t you wish you could “Sleep like a baby” again? If you are one that can’t get to sleep or can’t stay asleep, let Sheri share with you a natural way to reset your sleep patterns so you can get that good night’s rest you deserve!

Pain Management With No Drugs or Chemicals

Chronic pain, alone, affects 1.5 billion people around the world, leading to billions of dollars in health care costs and lost work productivity each year. Even those without chronic pain issues could benefit from the information provided because we all have those minor aches and pains that effect us now and then.  Sheri will be providing complementary pain relief treatments (for any muscle, joint or nerve pain) and showing you an affordable solution with no drugs, chemicals or stimulants.

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Sheri Weaver is passionate about providing resources to individuals looking to improve their overall health by activating their own healing power.  Her class will provide individualized pain relief treatments for any muscle, joint or nerve pain.  She will also be discussing a new technology which clinical studies have proven to activate your own stem cells, reduce pain, boost your immune system, increase collagen, reduce stress, get deeper sleep, give you more energy and mental clarity. 


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